A beer bottle on a bare branch compared to a mighty pine

A beer bottle carelessly shoved down a dormant branch, found at the Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area of Lodi, WI. Much like the litter displayed in Acceptability and Tolerance, this sighting bordered a main trail, and I noticed it without much difficulty. As then, I’m not surprised that someone would make their trash a problem for someone else, but I was disheartened to see a part of this forest’s ecosystem disrupted by such selfishness and disregard.

I’ve spoken about the far-reaching consequences of misguided intervention in natural areas in While the Ground Above Smolders, and find no comfort in envisioning years of trouble sprouting from one bad decision here. I removed the bottle, but that wasn’t a real answer. Had I seen the bottle placed, I doubt I could have acted in a way that wouldn’t just delay bad behavior. What outreach is needed to enlighten those who benefit from a community they have no respect for?

I’m sure this young offshoot has years of growth ahead of it, but will it rise to the soaring heights of its mighty brethren? My mind jumps to sickly years and early death, to a spot left underdeveloped for future generations who could have walked within arm’s reach of a powerful trunk. A spot that future cowards and nobodies will seek to litter.

Minolta XD 11
Minolta 17mm MD W.Rokkor-X f/4
Fuji Neopan Acros II – ISO 100