Artist Statement

2024 self portrait

Photography is my heartfelt answer to the call of pristine nature. It is the breadth of recognition for abandoned structures that I’ve never stood before. I use aged cameras and imperfect film to depict a sense of returning, a fullness of connection, a welcoming hope. My work is committed to a medium with no guarantees, but the expansive, desolate, contemplative, and dreamlike scenes I’m drawn to never ask for such. They ask that I listen, and my heart and camera eagerly deliver.

Feelings of wonder, gratitude, and belonging infuse my creative outings – the depth of which is better voiced through tone and color than with words. These are felt most while composing a scene and waiting for clouds to part, for wind to grow still, for sunlight to color the sky. What I see through the viewfinder can sometimes be entirely different from what I see in my heart, but that offers little discouragement. My attempts to render a scene are both an acknowledgment of its magnificence, and my gratitude for such a gift.

Awards and Recognition

I’m very fortunate and grateful to have had my work showcased by these venues.