Two storage buildings lost in a slumbering prairie

Two storage buildings found in the Badger Army Ammunition Plant of North Freedom, WI. Found on a mid-spring day, these structures were one of the very few left standing at the former Army site. They commanded attention in the boundless prairie through sheer novelty, and did little else to maintain it. Rounding to the back, I found doors open to hay bales nearly spilling from the shelters. Drawing closer, a massive turkey vulture dove from the threshold and flew off. I’m sure it returned after long confirming my departure.

A couple miles distant, a construction crew was methodically tearing down an old building with a crane to the backdrop of rising hills and endless prairie. I crossed a majority of the site just to see what was available, and found only one other building a mile or so from this spot. All else was trees, expanse, and forgotten roads; a testament to the cleanup and restoration efforts by the Ho Chunk Nation and WI Army National Guard. My eye was drawn to the peculiarity of this structure much like that large bird was. Similarly, we realized just how little protection the man-made remnants offered in that sweeping wilderness.

Minolta XD 11
Minolta 17mm MD W.Rokkor-X f/4
Ilford Delta – ISO 100