Contact and Prints

Twitter: @rbiiphotography

  • Matte Prints
  • 11″ x 16″
  • 16″ x 20″

I believe artistic development is fostered by one’s community, and that creative vision is intertwined with sharing life’s discoveries.

As such, I provide my email to be available to you, and welcome discussions on style, interpretation, and technical details.

Print Requests

As for purchasing my work, all photographs are:

  • sustainably printed by White House Custom Color
  • produced from a calibrated monitor for accurate rendition
  • shipped to me for signing

Please choose your preferred size from the price table and email me the photograph name, and I’ll provide a PayPal invoice. Shipping is free and handled by USPS, and includes tracking and insurance.

By purchasing my work, you’re affirming that trivial and mundane are capable of providing soaring enrichment. Celebrating our world has driven me since my first photograph, and I hope you and your household will share in that reverence for years to come.