Tidemarks seen in badly weathered concrete

A weathered concrete barrier covered in mastic, found in the Badger Army Ammunition Plant of North Freedom, WI during my BAAP 2022 series.

Being one of the first sights I encountered in the area, this forgotten obstruction was placed far to the side of a main road. The fissures and mastic revealed themselves to my approach, and I was happy to render the oddity in an abstract way. I encountered abstract subjects so rarely in the overly manicured suburb of Madison, WI throughout the years I lived there, I began to feel like that voice of my creativity was fading into the background, was soon to be forgotten. Thankfully, my eye for abstract subjects was akin to this weathered structure: rooted in place, developing over time, and accentuated by my focus on other artistic styles.

Prior to this, my photos Climb Beyond the Lightning and Together at the End, both taken in 2017, were my most-recent abstract work. I used to feel called to abstract expression, like I had no better means to realize my artistic intent and focus. I like to think that the time since has proven me wrong, and that what I had once known as a calling was truly more of a welcome.

Mamiya C330 Professional S
Mamiya-Sekor 55mm f/4.5
Kodak Ektar – ISO 100 – 6×6