A lone bike lost in ruined concrete remnants, shot in monochrome.

An alternate view of Room for Another.

Both of these photos were taken on my second outing to this location. I first noticed this eerie property while heading to a preserve, and had a single frame to spare when I returned. The scene I ended up rendering was nothing to be excited about, and I noticed the child’s bike far in the distance after my roll was spent. I wasn’t able to return for eight months. I was eager to try again throughout that time, and was just as apprehensive that the property would be demolished.

I returned to find that the only thing changed about the property was the season, and wasted no time setting up my gear. Years in the Madison, WI area left me struggling to believe that any vacant land would remain so, which made my return to this forgotten space truly delightful. I expected a scarred pit, rushed construction, or lifeless mixed living facade, but I was in disbelief that the bike also remained. I stayed on the edge of the land and did my work, not wanting to draw more attention than I already was, and felt respect for the adventurous youth who made those ruins their own.

Pentax 67
SMC Pentax 45mm f/4
Rollei Infrared – ISO 400