The edge of an abandoned parking lot and trail, with a distant lighthouse and decorative boat guarded by a no trespassing sign. Rendered in monochrome.

Part of a derelict restaurant found in rural Illinois. Though it wasn’t abandoned, this restaurant was closed the full two years I knew of it, and the handful of folksy outdoor decorations were left to the elements.

When I arrived for this shot, the meager no trespassing sign and easily vaulted chain conveyed a reluctance to let go, a hesitant invitation to walk among the decorations before they sank or fell. It was as if I stood before a once-renowned memorial – lost to the celebrated individual, forgotten by the public, and maintained by someone who had long stopped asking for compensation.

Minolta XG 7
Minolta MD W.Rokkor-X 28mm f/2.8
Fuji Neopan Acros – ISO 100