Gentle sunlight vanishing from an autumn woodland.

Waning October light on a quiet forest floor, found atop one of the peaks of White Pines State Park of Mt Morris, IL.

I used to deeply enjoy visiting White Pines when I lived closer to the area, but the greater distance of my current location rules out frequent outings to the land. A late start and a 1.5 hour drive there didn’t leave much remaining daylight, but a few hours of hiking and admiration were had. When I found this scene, the playful unwillingness of two new lovers to say goodbye could be heard in the lingering sun and waiting foliage, much as it could be heard between my heart and the greenery that would soon be away to its winter slumber.

Minolta XD 11
Minolta 17mm MD W.Rokkor-X f/4
Ilford Delta – ISO 100