A mixture of paths beneath a rocky overhang

The meeting of several paths, found at Natural Bridge State Park of North Freedom, WI.

Though the actual path beyond the fence was clearer than presented, I was delighted by its ethereal, dreamlike rendering. Such a magnificent geological formation as the bridge invited wandering, and having multiple avenues to explore it, very few leading upwards, seemed more befitting the imaginary than the real. I found myself not needing to see from the top because the lower ground offered a puzzle I wanted to see through. Had I chosen to climb, I would have seen the perfect unions that I was already seeing. I would have found the wholeness that was well understood.

I didn’t climb the bridge itself, but am sure that the maze of paths beneath is easy to view with amusement and appreciation.

Minolta XD 11
Minolta 17mm MD W.Rokkor-X f/4
Ilford Delta – ISO 100