Mismanaged nature and sprawling concrete, seen in monochrome.

An alternate view of It Was So Much More.

Like the cloistered trees and foliage, the bike stands jutting from the sidewalk portrayed the same lack of forethought and planning. I struggled to find anywhere at this failed business that seemed properly integrated with its surroundings. Everything man-made was forced to be something it wasn’t, from the sprawling asphalt and concrete dotted by overgrown nature to the bike stands that stood as if to prevent runaway vehicle collisions. The intended harmony of nature and commerce revealed stark difference. The promise of community in the open space and pedestrian accommodations wasn’t given a second glance.

Even with the heavy traffic and constant road noise directly behind my vantage, it wasn’t difficult to notice that only the trees and dormant grasses seemed to coexist with their surroundings. They grouped around the weathered sidewalk and displaced racks as if to welcome inclusion and understanding. In turn, the impermeable surfaces and dystopian block wall stood barren.

Minolta SRT 101
Minolta 24mm MD VFC f/2.8
Ferrania P30 – ISO 80