A silent forest path leading to sunlight

A welcoming path found in the Black Hawk Ridge Trails of Mazomanie, WI, USA. Taken during a break in the extreme temperatures of the Summer 2023 heat dome, this path waited for the next passing breeze while oak, maple, and birch trees stretched for sunlight. Mighty pine trees stood in the distant sun, and each was mostly barren from a summer of extreme drought.

Despite the suffering pines and the surreal period of normalcy in such an abnormal weather pattern, the area – which I’d never visited before – felt strangely familiar. Perhaps it was the delight of being outdoors after a lengthy confinement from high heat and heavy wildfire smoke, but the mild temperature, ethereal wind, and lulling shade bordered by dazzling sun was as a fading dream. It left me struggling to remember. It left me full of emotion.

Pentax 67
SMC Pentax Shift 75mm f/4.5
Rollei Infrared – ISO 400