A thick forest canopy seen looking straight down, rendered in monochrome.

Taken from one of the massive observation towers at Blue Mound State Park of Blue Mounds, WI, USA. The top of this tower offered a view I’ve yet to see matched in the Midwest. Hills, farmland, homes, and distant cities could be seen in the miles distant, fading into the increasingly deep and featureless blue of atmospheric distortion. There’s no explanation as to why, but I wasn’t remotely interested in capturing that expanse. The hills and farmland had nothing to derive significance from, and the cities and homes contrasted with nature in a way that was more distracting than engaging.

Taking a playful look through a tourist-y viewing telescope, I thought to lean over the platform’s railing and look down. The above is what I saw, with the overhead light and trees – broadly aged and dispersed throughout the hill – creating motion that was absent from the distant hills. Walking down the steps, I marked my passage with one leafy branch after another.

Sony Alpha 700
Minolta AF 28mm f/2.8