Names and other inscriptions carved into a colorful sandstone bluff, offset by the graffiti of dancing figures.

One face of the many sandstone bluffs, found in Buffalo Rock State Park of IL, USA. Portions of this park were closed several years ago over a dispute with a local firing range. As one of my favorite hiking spots during my adolescence, and I was thrilled when Buffalo Rock was again opened to the public.

Though I feel the graffiti and carvings are disrespectful to other hikers and abusive to the land, I see the enthusiasm and exuberance I felt years ago in the graffiti’s unrestrained dancing, and carvers’ documentation of what they found most meaningful. As dangerous as it was to do these acts, a part of me appreciates the courage of those who would risk everything to celebrate being alive.

Minolta Maxxum 7
Minolta AF 70-210 f/4
Kodak Ektar – ISO 100